Installation complete!


“Charging Durham” Installation 7-14-17




FastSigns of Cary did a great job installing “Charging Durham“.  (You could say they did it, well…FAST…too cliché.) They were very professional and the printing and placement of the work was worth the time and effort on my part (making those panels fit together using Photoshop).  Thanks to Michael Ray and his team for placing those babies up nicely!  You can see in the bottom right corner of the photo above next to the Durham City Hall, the alcoves are across the street (with the red and white awning).

Cliff Bellamy, from the Durham Herald-Sun, stopped by.  He’s already written about artwork building up all over town.  We talked more about my process and how this digital print is half way to a resin painting (although I don’t know how much it would cost or how heavy this one would be to complete.  If anyone is interested in the endeavor, let me know!)  He said that he was creating another posting for the Herald-Sun, which I will link to in a future posting here.

2_Installation_interview_7-14 3_Installation_Interview_B_7-14 1_Installation_7_14

It’s great to see the artwork up close.  The details really came through on the printing process.  As always, the images can be viewed with the 3D Chromadepth glasses (on line or in-person).  You’ll be able to get a pair of glasses from the front desk of city hall (directly across from the artwork).

Brian Smith (From the Durham Office of Economic and Workforce Development) was also instrumental in completing the project. Without his efforts, this would not have happened at all.  Thank, Brian!  He’s a busy guy, adding to the cultural aspects of a city with its sights on the future!  We’re hoping to continue our collaboration with a little help from Google on a project about historical “Black Wall Street”…(Shhh…we’re still working on that one!  More to follow!)



Finally, I have to thank my family:  Jill (for all the hours of letting me photoshop this artwork as well as ALL the others), Grant (for being my Social Media Manager / Photographer) and Lia (for being a GREAT cheerleader and positive force in our lives!)


So, take a trip to the “Bull City” and stop by City Hall for a look at “Charging Durham“.  3D Chromadepth glasses will be available by the revolving door and at the front desk.  And if you can’t find a pair, e-mail me!  I’ll be back in NOVEMBER to showcase NEW 3D resin paintings at the NC Comicon in the DURHAM CONVENTION CENTER (Nov. 10th, 11th and12th)!