Where can I get prints of “Franky” artwork?

  • You can buy: Prints, Framed Prints, Canvass Prints,  Acrylic Prints, METAL PRINTS (really sharp on your wall !) Greeting Cards and even Phone Covers?!  (Yep, those too!) You can get your prints matted, framed and delivered right to your door! You can also choose a variety of sizes.  And with Fine Art America’s 30 day return policy guarantee…what do you have to lose? Check out  ” Franky 3D Resin Paintings
  • Buy a print, and I’ll SEND YOU A FREE PAIR OF 3D GLASSES ! (As long as you e-mail me your address.)

Can I buy an Original “Franky” 3D Resin Painting right from the artist?

YES!  Contact the artist directly:

I’d like Franky to make a poster or metal print for me through Fine Art America

How do I get commissioned work done?



Will “Franky” prints still be in 3D?

  • The 3D effect will work on anything printed (It’s similar to what you may see on the screen.  If you have my business card and a pair of glasses, there’s still a 3D effect), but you may not have the same layering effect (PARALLAX) as with any of the original CLEAR RESIN PAINTINGS.  You need CHROMADEPTH 3D Glasses and an original FRANKY for the “total effect as envisioned by the artist.”

I don’t see a Mug, Laptop cover or Rug with the artwork I want on it.  How do I get Franky’s artwork on those items?

  • Send Franky and e-mail, and he can upload the file to Sociey6 for the Item you’re looking for.

Where can I get my own pair of those CHROMADEPTH 3D Glasses?

  • American Paper Optics

  • The Chromadepth 3D Glasses I use while creating / viewing my artwork are found at: American Paper Optics LLC in Memphis, Tennessee (  I recommend the Chromapro-3D pair (a solid plastic frame!), sold in sets of 3.  You can also Google Chromadepth 3D glasses and find other places to purchase individual glasses; like



Ordering Information HERE!