Frank Kreacic @ Artfields 2017

Amazed at Artfields Again!




2017 show did not disappoint for visitors to Artfileds in Lake City, SC.  The the breadth and quality of the artwork was astounding.  To be selected as part of this year’s artist is humbling.  Also, to partake in the “Lunchtime Art Talk” (a very quick TED talk on my Resin-ance technique) was fantastic.  I had the opportunity to hear several different artists talk about their inspirations for their work.

My family and I met some great people (from Lake City and Artists from across the South) that made it a memorable week.  So much to talk about and I’m still exhausted from the experience (although, we had a GREAT stay at the “Inn at the Crossroads” right in Lake City! Not to mention the wonderful service and breakfast with a tasty cup of coffee at Baker’s Sweets!)


Being at the R.O.B. (Ragsdale Old Buliding: where they used to warehouse tobacco and charcoal briquettes) is like a “home away from home” for me.  This was the same building that housed “The Dark Chamber” back in Artfields 2015.

The week started out with the “Maker’s Market” on the green, just across from “The Bean Market”.  Weather was wonderful for Day 1.  My daughter, Lia and I met up with many locals and introduced them to my Resin-ance technique.  The Artfield’s staff were very helpful and went out of their way to make us feel welcome.  Special thanks to “Hens” for fighting the heat on Saturday.



We had to move the sales indoors…RAIN!  But, that did not stop people coming by our booth!


We even got a visit with 2015 Grand Prize winner, Charles Anderson.

Earlier that morning, we stopped by Baker’s Sweets to see his work: “I Have a Dream in New Orleans”



If you take a close look at Tuskegee in the photo above, you may catch a glimpse of George Blakely’s MASSIVE installation: “Re-Inventing the Landscape”.  Over 50,000 postcards, ten miles of tape and nine days to complete!  George…time for a well deserved break after removing this work..WOW!  So nice to meet him and his wife; they look like a pair ready for any adventure!

20170430_123554 20170430_123613G_Blakeky_Landscape


Robert Maniscalco’s “The Next Big Thing” was a pleasure to view in person.  We gave him a pair of 3D Chromadepth glasses and it gave the stars a little “pop”.  Robert’s painting had a lot of depth already.  Love the piece and nice to hang out with you at the Artists’ Toast on the final night.

received_10211628020828821 received_10211628021108828


Robert was “Photographer on the spot” seeing a great portrait shot of me in Grant’s sunglasses!


Dan Smith‘s piece, “John” was even better in person (since viewing it on line from the Art Mag article).  I gave a couple of pairs of glasses to the Librarians and they were excited to see those colors come to life on his painting.


I spoke to David Clark about his Infrared / hand colorized photograph “Bride“.  I heard him speak about it at the Lunchtime Crunchtime event, and had to see it in person.  Great insight on how a black color plastic webbing type material can get a different “feel” in an infrared photograph… an artist mind at work!


Colin McNaught‘s “Sia Fleodraidh Cearnagan” (Gaelic for “Six Floating Squares”) got my attention right away in the ROB.  I met up with Colin later in the day and from his stories of gray, dreary Scotland gave me some context as to why he uses so many intense colors.  Gave him a pair of Chromadepth glasses to start working in 3D… Colin, I hope to see some of your other stuff when I visit your studio in Charleston.


1_Tin Can Phone_A


Mark Zimmerman: “In Memory of a Switch Board Operator” was an exploration on the Lake City streets.  Grant and I found his installations throughout the main street and went along with his artwork based in the ROB.





Frank Kreacic

3D Resin Painting at Artfields 2017


I am pleased to announce my 3D resin painting “Tuskegee” is part of this year’s Artfields exhibition in Lake City, South Carolina.  The 6’ x 3’ piece (the largest I’ve created to date) is a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II.  It is one of 400 artworks selected from the Southeast on display during the week event (April 22nd-April 29th).  Only artists from the following 12 states could enter: (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia). I’m joined by 5 other triangle area artists (you can see the other selected artists’ pieces starting in April.)  Click here to check out the list of accepted artists.

While most of the artwork is for sale, this community celebration has $100,000 in awards for the artists in different categories like: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media and installations.  Winners are determined by, public votes and a prestigious judging panel.  You can only vote in person, so you’ll need to register at the event in Lake City to have your ballot count.

I’ll be at the “Maker’s Market” during the opening weekend (April 22nd & 23rd); selling prints, 3D Glasses and displaying more of my unique 3D painting style.  I will also be part of the “Lunchtime Crunchtime” on Friday, April 28th, 1pm at The Bean Market.    I’ll discuss my artistic method and the steps to creating “Tuskegee”. You can view the piece at the Ragsdale Old Building (R.O.B.) I hope to see you there, in April !