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Charging Durham” 2017 by Franky

Adventure! Science Fiction! History! Comic Books and movies with 3D glasses!  As an artist, I look to the past, incorporate it into the present while pulling viewers into my 3D artworks. I enjoy the classic adventure serials and science fiction stories that inspired George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.  I also look to the works of Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rouschenberg and contemporary artists: Nobu Fukui, Banksy and Shepard Fairey.  Taking historical ideas and placing them in a 21st century context is also passion of mine.  Finding “accessible imagery” to manipulate and morph is but a click or swipe away.  We are bombarded and surrounded by them all the time.  I consider myself a 21st century artist: painter, graphic designer, digital manipulator / collage artist and historian, all in one.  To re-arrange and blend images, so that people see them differently, is my end game.

So much of our lives are spent in front of a screen.  I’d like people to understand that there is room for imagination and thoughtful engagement beyond their next text message, if they just take the time.

When creating, I think about people enjoying my artwork in 3D without the use of electricity… colors and optical trickery has been used before.  Luckily through the process of artistic investigation, I’ve discovered a brand new artistic technique. By combining; printing separation strategies and the technologies of photo editing software and 3D Chromadeph glasses, images are captured (trapped like bugs in amber) with clear resin and paint. They escape the confines of the 2D surface. I create artwork that no one else is doing right now:

3D Resin-ance Painting

With my latest technique, I’ve completely removed the traditional canvas from the equation. Colors are no longer stifled within the 2D plane. When looking at my paintings, the physical layering of the paint off the wall creates movement as you walk by (Parallax).  Reds, Yellow’s and Oranges are pulled forward. Cooler Blues, Purples and Greens recede.  The glasses make my artwork take on another life.  The images resonate off the wall, towards the viewer.  I get lost in the color contrasts and shapes that create each of the characters or elements in the artwork.  I start to forget the subject matter and painting becomes hypnotic:  some colors sink back in space while others levitate off the resin, melding images together.  As I paint, I imagine the larger areas seem like continents. Then, they get smaller, changing into countries and eventually end in “archipelagos of color”.


Whether I create adventurous scenes or historically referenced paintings, my artwork is: part “movie snapshot”, part “inspired comic book page”, part “intense color abstraction”.  It’s a labor of love.  I bring them into fruition through: struggle, sweat and sometimes tears.  It can be hours spent thinking you’ve got the image just right, only to find that it leads me in another direction to the real solution.  Completing artwork is like the end of a long marathon or backpacking trip: sad that it’s over (but always looking forward to the one around the corner).  And when the public experiences my art, truly sees them the first time…its well worth all the efforts.


Ladies and Gentlemen… Hang on for the ride!


Contact:  Frank Kreacic