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Durham Herald-Sun on “Charging Durham”

DUR_ IMG_0469

(Close-Up – center panel / “Charging Durham” – Durham Herald-Sun – Cliff Bellamy)

Thanks to Cliff Bellamy for placing his article and video on the Durham Herald-Sun web site.  You can hear a very brief description of the addition of the old city map and steps to making this “digial sketch” into a full resin painting.  Here are the links:

The Article:

The Video:

and the same video should appear below.

3D Prints…Looking good!


I received a couple of e-mails from collectors that purchased prints at the Raleigh Comicon, this spring.  Audrey Cross has “The Treasure Map” beautifully matted and used a blue frame (nice choice!)

Steve Griess also purchased “The Avengers” and has both framed for his guests to enjoy in 3D!


Thanks so much for visiting my booth at the Comicon and purchasing prints!  Durham Comicon will have 2-3 new artworks for you to view.  Head over to my Twitter page for a sneak preview of my latest painting in progress!

Installation complete!


“Charging Durham” Installation 7-14-17




FastSigns of Cary did a great job installing “Charging Durham“.  (You could say they did it, well…FAST…too cliché.) They were very professional and the printing and placement of the work was worth the time and effort on my part (making those panels fit together using Photoshop).  Thanks to Michael Ray and his team for placing those babies up nicely!  You can see in the bottom right corner of the photo above next to the Durham City Hall, the alcoves are across the street (with the red and white awning).

Cliff Bellamy, from the Durham Herald-Sun, stopped by.  He’s already written about artwork building up all over town.  We talked more about my process and how this digital print is half way to a resin painting (although I don’t know how much it would cost or how heavy this one would be to complete.  If anyone is interested in the endeavor, let me know!)  He said that he was creating another posting for the Herald-Sun, which I will link to in a future posting here.

2_Installation_interview_7-14 3_Installation_Interview_B_7-14 1_Installation_7_14

It’s great to see the artwork up close.  The details really came through on the printing process.  As always, the images can be viewed with the 3D Chromadepth glasses (on line or in-person).  You’ll be able to get a pair of glasses from the front desk of city hall (directly across from the artwork).

Brian Smith (From the Durham Office of Economic and Workforce Development) was also instrumental in completing the project. Without his efforts, this would not have happened at all.  Thank, Brian!  He’s a busy guy, adding to the cultural aspects of a city with its sights on the future!  We’re hoping to continue our collaboration with a little help from Google on a project about historical “Black Wall Street”…(Shhh…we’re still working on that one!  More to follow!)



Finally, I have to thank my family:  Jill (for all the hours of letting me photoshop this artwork as well as ALL the others), Grant (for being my Social Media Manager / Photographer) and Lia (for being a GREAT cheerleader and positive force in our lives!)


So, take a trip to the “Bull City” and stop by City Hall for a look at “Charging Durham“.  3D Chromadepth glasses will be available by the revolving door and at the front desk.  And if you can’t find a pair, e-mail me!  I’ll be back in NOVEMBER to showcase NEW 3D resin paintings at the NC Comicon in the DURHAM CONVENTION CENTER (Nov. 10th, 11th and12th)!



“Charging Durham”



I’ve been keeping this “Top Secret” for several months…Friday, my LARGEST artwork to date will be installed:  “Charging Durham”.   I’ve been working with Brian Smith in Durham since around May, coordinating and finalizing the placement of this huge endeavor.  The artwork will be on display at DURHAM CITY HALL and yes, it is 3D!  It is a digital sketch printed on vinyl and placed on metal.  10′ x 27’….and all done on my Mac computer!  The file was HUGE and it took a lot to rework and resize the file to get the print correct.  More stories to come…

I’ve place the image on FINE ART AMERICA and Instagram.  If you would like a signed print and 3D glasses, contact me!

You can see the alcoves (where the artwork will reside for the next year) in a video and read the article about public art written by Cliff Bellamy in The Durham Herald Sun.

New public art in Durham coming to a corner near you?

Stay Tuned…

“The Bat and the Cat”


I just completed my first “DC” Comics’ themed painting: “The Bat and the Cat”  Did a lot of rummaging through images to find the ones for this artwork.  It was fun to add int the “Comic Code Authority” symbol (bottom left corner).  Do they still have that on comics anymore…hmmm?  Definitely not at .20¢ !

I’ll be showing this one (and others) at the Durham Comicon this November.  Still working on another DC themed one as well as a follow up to “The Treasure Map”…STAY TUNED!

Josephine’s Demon


Film Poster: Josephine’s Demon

Just as the poster says…”Swimming, Bullies, Campfires and the Undead… Are you ready for summer?”  This was a promotional poster I created for an Indy film produced by my good friend, Stephen Bohnet and “Josephine’s Films.  He and his daughter, Rowan, came up with this fun script and put together a GREAT FILM that you can view FOR FREE!  This “Horror – Comedy” is like a mash-up; it’s “The Goonies” meets “The Grudge”…meant for kids (7-12) and adults too!  Click on this link the youtube film:


Check out the page on Facebook:

Artfields…It’s Finally HERE !

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 9.12.40 PM

Well, the wait is finally over!  Artfields 2017 (#5) starts (unofficially TOMORROW for some lucky students in the Lake City area.) Colleges are also getting a first hand look at over 400 artworks.  Friday is the opening of Artfields, but you can get a free preview of all the art by going to their website and click on GALLERIES / ARTWORK GALLERY.  Once there, you can type in my name and you should find my listing (shown above)….or just CLICK HERE.

I’m humbled to be a part of this great event, and to be among so much talent…it’s inspiring!  I can’t wait to meet the other artists.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 9.15.19 PM

Next:  If you are going to Lake City… go to Pre-Register for voting (that link is also at the top of the web page).  Once you get to Artfields, you go to the Welcome Center (right on the main street) and finalize your registration.  Remember my VOTING ID #: 240823 to vote for my artwork.


Finally, I’ll be there in person this weekend at the Makers Market.  Stop by and take a look at my artwork.  I’ll have originals and prints for sale…as well as those 3D Glasses!  Hope to see you there!

Franky / ArtResin TEAM-UP


Just like the ‘ol “Marvel TEAM-UP” comic issues, ARTRESIN and FRANKY 3D Resin Painting joined forces to bring you a new twist on my resin painting technique.  Rebecca Zak at is GREAT and easy to get a hold of for questions.  When she saw my 3D artwork, it didn’t take much to have her contact me and set up this “challenge”.  I used their “starter kit” of the hardener and resin to take my pre-painted 3D panels and encase them in clear resin.  Lets take a look at how I did this project….


First, I have to start with my individual layers of painted images on 8″ x 10″ plexiglass (ok…several hours of digital sketching and painting up to reach this point)  I also have on opaque plexi of white (top left corner)

4_Mold_TapeNext, I created a cardboard mold and covered all the surfaces with clear packaging tape (so the resin will not stick to it.)  I make my larger ones of wood, due to larger pours.  Make sure that it’s sealed and not have and “leak areas” for the liquid resin to escape.  I would take a hot glue gun to make certain…no leaks!


Here’s my workstation: keep the artwork separate from the mold and the tools on the right.


Make sure you have all your “gear” together before starting:  Plastic paint tubs, gloves, respirator (I’d also recommend safety glasses too-not shown), Timer (not shown) and a Heat Gun (not a hair dryer).


I have a “season” for pouring resin.  Usually starts in the spring.  Being from the South, I can start pouring in April until about October (then, I’d have to start cranking the heat). I prefer 78 degrees and higher to get the best curing of the resin.  Anything lower and the pour wont work (read those directions carefully!) I digress…. next you can see the bubbles forming in the Resin/Hardener mixture after stirring for 2-2:30 minutes.



Heat gun use is a MUST to get those bubbles out.  It only take a few seconds to clear the layer…but if you WANT bubbles in there…don’t bother with that heat gun.


Here’s adding that first “Back Layer” of the opaque plexiglass.


After pouring in a bit more resin, I SLOWLY layered the “blue / teal” plexi layer down…then I pored more resin on top of that.  Don’t forget to use the heat gun.  (I had to be careful to not just “drop” the plexiglass right on the resin, or bubbles form UNDERNEATH. They need to be “pressed” or wiggled out…which was a pain.  Learned for the next couple of layers, though.)


Added the black layer…Again: Resin, bubble removal and Heat Gun!


Here’s the added “Red Layer”: Pre – Heat Gun.


Final cover with remainder of the resin…note the bottom cardboard shoved under to “level” the mold.  ALWAYS pour on a level surface and check for level!  I could remove the completed casting within 4hrs, but you may want to wait a full 24hrs for a full cure of the resin.


Here’s a side view after removal of the cardboard mold.  You can see the three individual plexiglass panels and the bottom opaque white panel.


Final result looks spectacular and professional…just need to grab my 3D Chromadepth glasses!

Thanks, Rebecca!  Hope you enjoy the art and thanks for the RESIN!

You can get really BIG with your resin pours.  We’re talking GALLONS of resin…take a look at my LARGEST!


This was for “TUSKEGEE“, which will be shown at ARTFIELDS in Lake City, South Carolina (April 21st – 29th).


NC Comicon: Raleigh- GREAT WEEKEND!


Thank you to everyone who stopped at my booth at the Raleigh Convention Center over the weekend.  You made this Con the BIGGEST one yet for Franky 3D Resin Painting.

I also need to thank my Minions..I mean kids: Lia and Grant, for helping me with handing out glasses and cards. Great PR experience for them.

Special “Thank you” to all those that purchased prints and glasses…and Alex for buying an original: “The Treasure Map”.  Hope you got it out to your car safely (it was pretty crowded on Saturday).  The next day, several guests told me they saw it leaving the building, so I know that at least it got to the street.

Remember: take a selfie of your newly purchased artwork on your wall, post it on Twitter / Instagram (or your other favorite social media platform) and then send me a copy.  I’ll place you here on my blog.


Even DEADPOOL slows down to view the art!



Stopped by fellow ComiXed GARNER ARTIST, William Parker (Great stuff, you’ve got there)!

Gary DeStefano (Pop Culture Images) created a wonderful update on MARS ATTACKS & TRUMP!  Love #17 Trading Card!  What’s #18 going to be?

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.41.48 AM

“Spock You Wear” artist, Jack Wenberg was nearby (love those shirts!)  Had some artistic conversations over a few hours…need to continue those discussions on “artistic inspirations”.  Thanks for telling me about artist: Jim Steranko.  His stuff is really cool and I’ll need to do more research on him.

I was also lucky enough to be placed next to the Ominous Press booth and talked at length with publisher Sean Hus Var and artist, Andy Smith. Thanks for the comics and the conversation!

Now that the Comicon is over…looking for some more input on my next paintings:  Spoke to 501st Legion: Carolina Garrison and asked them to find out what their fans are interested in seeing in a ROGUE ONE painting.  Spoke with BOXCAR Bar + Arcade rep about a possible “Street Fighter” themed painting…what ideas do you have?  Send me an e-mail and let me know!

Next event for me:  ARTFIELDS- MAKERS MARKET in Lake City, South Carolina.  I’ll have a booth April 22nd and 23rd, selling prints and originals.  April 28th @ 1pm, I’ll be at THE BEAN MARKET in Lake City, SC talking to the public about creating 3D artwork and the development of “TUSKEGEE”.

Looking forward to catching up with my many new comicon friends in the fall at Durham Comicon.