“Millions of Miles from Earth” / WERD at VAE

Millions of Miles from Earth, Space Scene, Adventure, 3D Painting

“Millions of Miles from Earth” 2015 FRANKY

I’ve had this sketch sitting on the back burner since last summer and wanted to try out a different technique on “Millions of Miles from Earth”.  Instead of using the typical white as background, I chose black instead.  A couple of interesting things happened:  Colors really pop on this background, but the black creates a lot of reflections (while photographing). It was difficult to shoot this one.  I should take a picture of my at home photo studio “set up” for next time…I look forward to the use of a REAL art studio to create and shoot in the future.  The black turns out to be semi-transparent (if light is behind the painting) which gives it a different effect then any of my previous paintings.  This 24″ x 36″ painting is available for sale as well as prints on “Fine Art America” (as well as my other sale sites).

2001: A Space Odyssey, Intersteller and the soon to be released film The Martian all have influenced the production of this painting. The adventure really is based on space exploration past the moon…and to Mars.  I was thinking of placing the title “40,000,000 Miles to Mars”, but I thought that the story could be to an exploration of planets beyond Mars (hoping that sometime in my lifetime, we’ll get people to the red planet).  What would you do if placed in this situation?  Help save one at the risk to all?  Who makes those calls to the crew to make that life or death choice?  The death of Spock scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn comes to mind.


Franky 3D Resin Paintings at VAE

FRANKY at Visual Art Exhange: “WERD” Show

It was great to stop by the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh last week to see my two artworks: Sir Walter Raleigh in the 21st Century and Deep 6 Danger on display.  Lots of other great artwork on display as well (very cool photo of the local Krispy Kreem Doughnut shop-love to see HDR Photographs!)  I also met Jamie and Daunta Tyler; local photographers, who stopped in for the show.  Check out their web site and photography at http://www.jaityler.com/

Next projects and shows:  Applying to Raleigh Sparkcon (Artwork displayed at The Morning Times coffee shop in downtown Raleigh) and N.E.W. show (Never Exhibited Works) at Visual Art Exchange.  Starting a new painting that is based in the Pulp genre.

Summer is QUICKLY escaping me…off the computer and on to PAINTING!!!!