Divers, Spacemen and a whole lot of resin.

Deep Six Danger 3D Resin Painting In-Process

Deep Six Danger 3D Resin Painting In-Process

“It’s been a long, long…long time.” George Harrison

Hey, I’ve been up to my nose in enamel paint (with a nice new respirator…I can breath easier now!)  Been busy trying to complete my first series of 3D resin paintings for a show.  I just don’t know when (and where) I’ll find a venue /gallery for them.  The Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh is booked solid through July 2015, so I’m in definite need of finding more galleries that may have the space and the marketing to get my show off the ground.

In the mean time, I’ve been producing several new artworks and running low on resin.  “Deep Six Danger” (above) is complete.  This shot was taken about mid-way through the process.  Probably the largest piece completed to date.  I’ve also finished “Dive!” and “The Treasure Ship”; all scuba diver themed works.  I guess all that diving at Sea Word in San Diego really made an impact on my artwork.  “The Treasure Ship” is also another large piece and probably the heaviest (@ 40 lbs)!  You can see the digital sketch that I reference using the tablet on the kitchen table.  A lot more color involved with these pieces since “Google Me” and “Primal Scream”: green, yellow and blue.  Trying to keep the colors bright and basic…”comic book-y”!

"The Treasure Ship" in process, July 2014

“The Treasure Ship” in process, July 2014


"Dive!" by FRANKY, 2014

“Dive!” by FRANKY, 2014

Also completed “Ready for Launch”, another smaller piece like “Dive!”  This was a good “prep piece” trying to see what colors work well and how far I can push the “abstract” component  in each.

"Ready for Launch" by FRANKY 2014

“Ready for Launch” by FRANKY 2014