Month: September 2017

“Congratulations, You’re being…POSTED”


Rogue One: K-2S0

Great to finally get this one out to you all.  It’s my newest Star Wars – Rogue One inspired painting.  K-2S0 gets to be the FIRST in my line of actual Action Figures inside the painting!  Yep,  If you look closely at the bottom-left corner of the painting, you’ll find K-2S0 hanging out there.  He’s completely inside the painting.  K-2S0-figure-close-upHere’s a close-up of the figure in the first stage of painting.  When I first thought of the idea of placing a Star Wars figure in the painting, I wasn’t quite sure how, or if, the process would work: “Would the figure melt from the resin curing?”  “Would it change shape and look terrible?”  Would it change color?” I had to try.  So, as I’m pouring into my mold with the resin slowly oozing and swallowing K-2, I heard James Earl Jones’ voice in my head….“We do not want the Emperor’s prize damaged…we will test it, on CAPTAIN SOLO!”  Well in this case, it was K-2S0!

As Han Solo made it through the carbon freezing process, K-2 is “frozen in RESIN”, quite nicely!

So, for all of you Star Wars Action Figure collectors out there…. you’ll need to visit the NC Comicon in Durham.  I’ll have this artwork and (if all goes to plan)  I’ll have 2 MORE Star Wars Action Figure 3D paintings to see…and yes, they’re for sale!

Send me your Action Figures!!!  I can make a custom “tribute” 3D Resin painting of your FAVORITE STAR WARS CHARACTER….Who’s your favorite character?  I still have my Early Bird Set from 1977…