Month: October 2014

Sir Walter Raleigh and the CAT

Blue Raleigh (CAT) submission 2014

Blue Raleigh (CAT) submission 2014


Far right side of the banner for the CAT submission, 2014

Sorry, it’s been a while again.  Staying in front of my computer more than putting the mask on these days.  Hopefully soon I’ll return to the enamel painting.  Until then, I came across a neat contest that I hope to win:  Capital Area Transit (CAT) has artistic banners on the sides of their city buses.  Next week was the deadline for the proposals.  The two panels that you see above are portions of the “driver side” banner.  It’s a “digital sketch” that I can use in the future to create a painting (in the same style as my previous paintings).  I know that the public won’t be walking around with 3D glasses, but who knows, I could get the city to commission the pieces for  city hall?  Worth a shot.

These files were HUGE!  City of Raleigh needed them in 100% full size (450″ wide x 45″ high @ 100 ppi)…these were monster sized and took my computer a while to save

Lots of Oak leaves (it is the “City of Oaks”), old English lettering and a compass rose or two… Lots of color!  So, break out your Chromadepth 3D glasses!