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Pancakes & Booze…and Resin!

static1.squarespace.comAlright!  I’ve been waiting to mix alcohol, stacks of pancakes and some RESIN for quite a while (not really)…It was just a matter of time before they finally put them together!  It’s on August 19th at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh,NC. It’s a one night event and I have a good feeling about this (as opposed to a “bad feeling about this”…as in Star Wars quote!)  I’m showing my “Carnival” diptych piece that was at the Nude Nite show in Orlando last spring.

Carnival by Franky 3D Resin Painting

Carnival by Franky 3D Resin Painting

I’m also bringing over “Jessica’s Peril: No Escape”

"Jessica's Peril / Panel 2: No Escape"

“Jessica’s Peril / Panel 2: No Escape”

and I think it’s also a great opportunity to show one of my very first pieces:  “Primal Scream”.

Primal Scream

Primal Scream

Its still “Painting Season” for me and I’ve been working on a larger piece that’s “Scuba Diver” based…I should have more to show about that piece soon!

Artist Portfolio Magazine / Comic Con-Artist Review Video / Franky on YouTube

Wow!  Lots going on lately.  I did a little research and learned that Artist Portfolio Magazine published and article on my artwork.  The issue was out last December, but I got so busy with creating for these spring shows that it escaped me.  At any rate, great article and here’s the link


Next, I like to thank Franklyn FM McInnis for creating a WAY COOL overview of the artists at the Oak City Comic Con (including, yours truly!)  I really enjoyed someone else take on the my artwork: great descriptions and very in-depth.  He got a great shot of me working at the Con… (had my camera with me, but too busy giving away all my 3D Glasses!)  Here’s that YouTube video:

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.46.20 PM


Finally, I did a brief YouTube video on how my 3D art works and review of SAS’s Curriculum Pathways – Prehistoric Cave Art #578.  Here’s the link to that: Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.59.51 PM

Oak City Comic-Con..WHAT A SHOW!

What a great time in Raleigh yesterday.  I got the finishing touches set up at my booth and did get a chance to walk around before the doors opened at 10am.  Made some new friends:   Artist; Gary DeStefano from “Pop Culture Images” was my first stop.  His large oil paintings from film caught my attention right away.  He’s been creating art for celebrities for years.  I enjoyed talking with him about the characters he paints and his business.

Check him out!


My other artist stop: Doug Hoppes.  Very cool “abstract / sci-fi” type artist.  He’s been working on his story that is associated to his paintings.  I’d like to read that story when it’s finished, Doug!  Hope that you can get it made into a move, you’ve got all the concept art ready.

Check him out!


Once the Con started…it was “Game on” from there.  Non-stop guests and costumed characters:  Shadow Stormtrooper, Black Cat, Tony Star and Loki and many others.  Even a guy that was “Spock” from the “Spock’s Brain” episode (complete with brain scanner around his head!  Pretty neat!)

Star Lord


There were three cool cars: “Bumble Bee” from Transformers, The  Star Trek “Galileo” (Hey, Carlos, You’d like that one!) and the Jurassic Park Jeep:

IMG_6852 IMG_6854


I gave away over 300 3D GLASSES and ran out (sorry for those that stopped later in the afternoon.)  The public seemed to enjoy the artwork and many came back for a second look.  Several were impressed enough to possibly set up commissions in the future…. (for those that are interested, my painting season is about to open up: temperature is making it easier to pour resin!) So, please contact me if you’d like to get on this seasons “docket”.

And to those purchasing  Prints on Fine Art America: I thank you in advance! If you’re in the Raleigh area, we can meet up, bring your print and I’ll sign my artwork for you!

Until next CON !!!

Oak City Comic Con… “The BEAST…IT’S HERE !”

Oak City Comic Con 2016 FLYER

Well, finally the Oak City Comic Con is about to happen!  I had a chance to get my booth set up and what a gorgeous day it was!  The spring-like weather is finally here: trees and lawns are getting greener and the air’s getting warmer…nice!  Since this is my first time at a Comic Con, I wanted to document the experience to let others know how it went.  So far financially, I’m in the red. but hopefully with a good crowd tomorrow, and an audience that may really get a kick out of “fine art” from comic books, I may stand to break even and get my name out there.  First part of the afternoon was finding the “back door” to the Raleigh Convention Center: via “backstage” at the Red Hat Amphitheater.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 5.33.34 PMGreat view of the “Oak Mural” from the stage view.


Next, it was off to unloading the Giant Easels, with a little help from the staff volunteers at the Comic Con (thank, guys!)  Here are the Before / After shots:1_Set-UP2_After-Set-up

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.11.37 PMFree-Glasses-SignI even had time (and space) to make a quick sign for visitors to get the idea that they can have a free pair of glasses.  I wonder if anyone will notice that the sign is the Right Panel of “Jessica’s Peril – No Air” …  We’ll see if anyone says any thing to me!  Hope to see you at the Comic Con!

Oak City Comic Con – Raleigh, NC 4/16/2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.09.48 PM

It’s great to be local for a change.  Right in my own backyard (or close to it), the Oak City Comic Con – 2016!  It’s a one day event at the convention center Saturday April 16th, from 10am – 6pm.  I finally get a chance to show a majority of my artwork to comic fans of central North Carolina.  I’ll be giving away lots of FREE 3D glasses and have almost all of my current painting on view for sale.  More information to come!

Nude Nite 2016 – “Carnival” viewing

Nude Nite in Orlando is quickly wrapping it up tonight.  I had a couple of viewers of “Carnival”.  Thanks to Kate from Moonchild Handcraft Dreamcatchers at for placing this on Instagram.
Nude Nite 2016 on Instagram
Also, thanks to Holly Wheldon, photographer for Orlando Weekly for posting this image on Twitter.  I think the curator did a nice job placing my artwork next to Derek Gores’ collage piece: “Butterfly Magic”.  Check out his collage art @
Nude-Nite-2016-184-1_Holly Whelden_Orlando Weekly
Here’s a close-up of Derek’s work (Check it out with the Chromadepth glasses on!)

“Carnival” at Nude Nite – Orlando

Carnival by Franky 3D Resin Painting

“Carnival”  – Teaser Collage


This Thursday, my latest creation “Carnival”, will be on display at Nude Nite – Orlando, Florida.  I think my artwork (style and themes) will catch the eyes of many in attendance at the thee day event.  The creative process surrounding “Carnival” comes from my love of movies with action and adventure (and who doesn’t like to view a few scantily clad ladies?)  The women of the “James Bond” films were definitely influential:  Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever and Live and Let Die to name a few.  Other cerebral stimuli offered by the mainstream surge of sexual games as portrayed recently in the popular novel and film Fifty Shades of Gray.




The artwork is my first diptych piece constructed from photography from and was printed on metal through FINE ART AMERICA.  It’s a “digital sketch” and can be created into a resin painting, for anyone commissioning the work.  The 3D glasses still work with this piece and will be available to all that attend Nude Nite – Orlando – while supplies last.  There is only one print of this artwork, there are no others.  The above image is a “teaser collage” of some of the elements and not the complete artwork.

For those that attend, send me an image of you with the artwork, and I’ll post it on a follow up blog.  Let me know what you think of it, I’m always up for suggestions!  If “Carnival” does well with the visitors of this show, I may post my other creations of this series.


“Tuskegee” submission for ARTFIELDS 2016: COMPLETE

Tuskegee_2_Franky_3D_Resin_Painting_72After months of research, construction and painting…it’s complete!  TUSKEGEE is the largest resin painting I’ve done to date:  6′ wide, 3′ high and 2″ of thick clear resin.  It is also a piece completely based on photographs instead of comic book imagery (so I’ve opened the door to any photographic conversions into paintings).  I created this piece for submission to the largest art competition in the Southeast: Artfields.  Final selection process ends in January, so stay tuned for updates.  Artworks are not brought to Artfields until, March, 2016, so I may try to show this work at other venues until then.  Until you can see it in person, get out your 3D glasses and take a look at a couple of close-ups:

Tuskegee- Center Close-Up

Tuskegee- Center Close-Up

Tuskegee - Right Soldier - Close-Up

Tuskegee – Right Soldier – Close-Up

Tuskegee - Pilot Close-Up

Tuskegee – Pilot Close-Up

N.E.W. SHOW @ VAE and “TUSKEGEE”: In Process

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.08.54 PM

Thanks to all at the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh for a wonderful show these past few weeks!  Brandon and the rest of the crew did an awesome job with this one.  Photographs of the show are located on Flickr HERE  The Treasure Ship (on the left part of the image) looks great in the space.  Also: thanks to the judge: David TerryDirector of Programs and CuratorNew York Foundation for the Arts. for choosing my work!


I’ve been busy creating the latest piece, Tuskegee, to submit for ARTFIELDS 2016!  I always have many questions from gallery patrons about my process: “How did you come up with that?” is usually the one I get the most.  I want to show you some of the “behind the scenes” of what it takes to construct my resin pieces.(really, wood shop came in handy, students!)   First, I have to build the resin mold.  It’s has to be pretty “tight” not to let any of that resin leak out.  Besides, I want to use as much resin as possible for this artwork…IT’S HUGE!

Base Frame for Resin Mold_1Franky fits in the Mold!Taking a well needed break and giving you some perspective on size…yep, I’m BEAT!


Next, it’s off to more dirty and messy work: Resin Pouring.  Since this one is really large, I had to make several pours of resin to get the correct thickness and coverage of the mold. The heat gun removes all the tiny bubbles that come from the combination of chemicals…safety goggles were on previously when mixing and pouring, but not for the heat-gun stage. Gloves and a Respirator, a must.  Thank you to my son, Grant, for taking good “direction” and great photographs while I was working!


So, to get you up to date, I’ve started my first layer:  Blue and Teal.  Here, one of the Red Tail “Mustangs” are starting to appear.


Artfields 2016 & ” The Tuskegee Airmen”

The Tuskegee Airmen:  The name evokes thoughts of courageous men, now coined by Tom Brokaw as “The Greatest Generation”.  Their title is also synonymous with words like: honor, fearless and undaunted (Kids these days may think of the “Divergent Movie/Book Series with the group “Dauntless”.)  I can appreciate the sacrifices they made during World War II.  As was the war, they fought a war of two fronts: The overseas physical battle against the Nazi machine in Europe and a battle against the bigotry and a mentality of their own country’s deep seeded segregated social policies.

So how does a middle aged white guy get involved, let alone interested, with the first, all African-American military aviator group in the US?  Answer: George Lucas, of course.  I’ve always been interested about what “good ‘ol Uncle George” was going to do after his “retirement” from the Star Wars franchise.  I heard rumblings that he was going to do Avante-Garde / Experimental films that “would only be seen in small, unknown theaters.”  (Heck, he may be doing that right now.  If he is, I wish him luck.  Drop me a line so I can see one of them, ok George?) Then, I started hearing more about a WWII film about aviators… an all black unit…a movie titled: RED TAILS.  I had to see it.  What was all the fuss about?  Why were these guys so important?



The film stuck with me (but got panned by critics. Sorry, George.) It reminded me that men…wait PEOPLE, no matter what the color, really know what’s important when all is placed on the line. I guess that made me realize about how important these guys were; not only to African-Americans, but also to America as a country.  They truly are an American story: the underdogs, the “come from behind” heroes…winners! So, for Artfields 2016, I decided to do a piece with them in mind.


I started researching images on the internet and found that the Library of Congress had several really cool pictures: Pilots by planes, Pilots at a briefing… then something caught my eye…Pilots_of_the_332nd_Fighter_Group copy

Tuskegee_Airmen_332nd_Fighter_Group_pilots_ppmsca13245u copy



Maybe it was the pose, the angle of the shot, I don’t know.  These guys were different.  They weren’t the notable aviators, but the ground crew…mechanics.  These were the guys who kept the Red Tails flying. Without them, there wouldn’t be any Red Tails.  I thought it would be great to have them as the subject of an art piece.  They really were the “underdogs behind the underdogs”!  They reminded me of my dad, who was a mechanic too.  He saved my “bacon” plenty of times, by keeping our old cars running when I was a teenager.  I guess I could appreciate the ground crew of the Tuskegee Airmen: because they were just a tough and gritty as those pilots.  They should be recognized as heroes too…I want people to know (and my students as well) that these guys were just as cool (and as important) as those Red Tails in the sky!

T-Men_Ground Crew


So, it’s off to Artfields we go! I’ll let you know how the piece is progressing…I think it may be the biggest one I’ve ever created…a “monster-piece”!  Tune in for updates…