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Artfields – 2017

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Frank Kreacic

3D Resin Painting at Artfields 2017


I am pleased to announce my 3D resin painting “Tuskegee” is part of this year’s Artfields exhibition in Lake City, South Carolina.  The 6’ x 3’ piece (the largest I’ve created to date) is a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II.  It is one of 400 artworks selected from the Southeast on display during the week event (April 22nd-April 29th).  Only artists from the following 12 states could enter: (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia). I’m joined by 5 other triangle area artists (you can see the other selected artists’ pieces starting in April.)  Click here to check out the list of accepted artists.

While most of the artwork is for sale, this community celebration has $100,000 in awards for the artists in different categories like: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media and installations.  Winners are determined by, public votes and a prestigious judging panel.  You can only vote in person, so you’ll need to register at the event in Lake City to have your ballot count.

I’ll be at the “Maker’s Market” during the opening weekend (April 22nd & 23rd); selling prints, 3D Glasses and displaying more of my unique 3D painting style.  I will also be part of the “Lunchtime Crunchtime” on Friday, April 28th at The Bean Market.    I’ll discuss my artistic method and the steps to creating “Tuskegee”. You can view the piece at the Ragsdale Old Building (R.O.B.) I hope to see you there, in April !


Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 6.16.23 PM


Yeah!  Another Comicon around the corner.  (as it says…next month, I’ll be in the Raleigh Convention Center with a BRAND NEW ARTWORK & Prints for sale at the show.  It’s in process right now and I should have some “sneak peak” images for you shortly.  Also… MAJOR SHOW announcement coming soon!!!

It’s BIG, BIG, BIG ! Stay tuned…

Blue Jeans & Bling: Benefit for the Children


Sir Walter Raleigh in the 21st Century

I’m teaming up with Ann Carter, from the Chatham County Partnership for Children.  She’s having one of my signed prints up for auction this weekend. The Blue Jeans & Bling: Benefit for the Children is happening this Saturday night at “The Barn” in Bear Creek, NC.  They will be auctioning many different items including one of my prints from Fine Art America.  I framed, matted and signed this print especially for this fundraiser.  I’ve also included a couple of 3D Glasses.  It’s great to know that my art will help kids from North Carolina.

You can try to get tickets at the door, but Ann told me that the event usually is packed.  Try to get there early!

NC Comicon 2016 !


Thank you to ALL the guests that came by my table.  Hope to see you at the next con…and at a gallery opening SOON!


I have to say, Durham DEFINITELY puts on a great Con!  It was standing room only for 3 days straight.  Met some friends from Oak City Comicon.  I have to thank Gary,  from Pop Culture Images for helping with the prints before the show.  I gather he was busy as well, since I saw him periodically checking in at my booth.

Deadpool and Jack Sparrow check out the 3D effects on the prints!


Met up with Nick Winstead of Heroic Effort Crafts from Raleigh as well.  Looks like he’s been busy with his comic book wrapped crafts.




I got the chance to make a few new friends as well.  Grant and Lia really enjoyed seeing Andy Sheppard’s artwork from CHROMA COMA (just in front of our booth).  Love the Star Wars stuff!  Also, check out his work with a “black light”… very cool!



Michael Watkins (and his crew) from HIGHBURN STUDIOS were showing of his cover art.




UNCANNY PRINTS had fabulous metal print artwork for sale…gotta catch up with them for a print!  (Grant’s in the back right side of the photo, where our table was.)




Thanks to my direct neighbor, Chris McJunkin of JUNK DRAWER STUDIO.  He was gracious enough to lend me some more “Comicon Tips”.  Grant got a “Suicide Squad” artwork from him…Thanks, Chris!



And finally, I was walking back to my booth when I caught a glimpse of Max Dowdle‘s artwork of Black Panther!  WOW…you should see it with the Chromadepth glasses on!  And you gotta love that bowler hat!!



All in all…a GREAT TIME at NC Comicon 2016…we’ll see you soon!

@ NC COMICON- Next Week!


Durham, North Carolina

(November 11th, 12th & 13th)


Alright!  Finally got into the NC Comicon in Durham!  The event runs three days and I’ll be there with my resin paintings in tow!  I’ll be giving away FREE 3D CHROMADEPTH GLASSES.  ALSO:  I have a limited number of PRINTS FOR SALE at the Comic Con!  Whenever they’re gone…you’ll need to get them from my SHOP page and head over to FINE ART AMERICA.  Definitely look for holdiay shoppers next week!

Always, the originals will be on sale too!

Hope to see you there!

Follow the “Treasure Map”


The Treasure Map is now complete!  Took most of the summer to finish and it’s my most detailed work to date. There’s a LOT going on in this one, so you’ll have to take your time.  Search for: the maps, landmarks, Asian characters, reefs, “The Narrows”, fathom markings and the treasure chest itself (surrounded by those that did NOT make it back!). Imagine finding a real treasure map, having to fight off other treasure hunters, or some other sinister force keeping the booty out of anyone’s hands!  Part “Pirates of the Caribbean”, part “The Deep”…a total scuba dive ADVENTURE!

I really wanted to push the abstract qualities to hide the subject matter.  Using the 3D chromadepth glasses will help you along the way.  I think of this one as a “prequel” to my earlier work; “The Treasure Ship”.

Here’s the “before picture” of the work mid-process.  You can see the Red Layer is just forming on the bottom left and right side.  The lines you see in the middle of the work are folds in the resin from the plastic that I place down on the initial pour (which are later fixed when completing the piece.)


Here’s the view from my artwork’s perspective:  Lots of time with that mask on…You like those “Throwback Glasses”?  NICE!


“The Treasure Map” and “Tuskegee” will soon be available to purchase on FINE ART AMERICA…Loading them soon!

Pancakes & Booze…and Resin!

static1.squarespace.comAlright!  I’ve been waiting to mix alcohol, stacks of pancakes and some RESIN for quite a while (not really)…It was just a matter of time before they finally put them together!  It’s on August 19th at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh,NC. It’s a one night event and I have a good feeling about this (as opposed to a “bad feeling about this”…as in Star Wars quote!)  I’m showing my “Carnival” diptych piece that was at the Nude Nite show in Orlando last spring.

Carnival by Franky 3D Resin Painting

Carnival by Franky 3D Resin Painting

I’m also bringing over “Jessica’s Peril: No Escape”

"Jessica's Peril / Panel 2: No Escape"

“Jessica’s Peril / Panel 2: No Escape”

and I think it’s also a great opportunity to show one of my very first pieces:  “Primal Scream”.

Primal Scream

Primal Scream

Its still “Painting Season” for me and I’ve been working on a larger piece that’s “Scuba Diver” based…I should have more to show about that piece soon!

Artist Portfolio Magazine / Comic Con-Artist Review Video / Franky on YouTube

Wow!  Lots going on lately.  I did a little research and learned that Artist Portfolio Magazine published and article on my artwork.  The issue was out last December, but I got so busy with creating for these spring shows that it escaped me.  At any rate, great article and here’s the link


Next, I like to thank Franklyn FM McInnis for creating a WAY COOL overview of the artists at the Oak City Comic Con (including, yours truly!)  I really enjoyed someone else take on the my artwork: great descriptions and very in-depth.  He got a great shot of me working at the Con… (had my camera with me, but too busy giving away all my 3D Glasses!)  Here’s that YouTube video:

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.46.20 PM


Finally, I did a brief YouTube video on how my 3D art works and review of SAS’s Curriculum Pathways – Prehistoric Cave Art #578.  Here’s the link to that: Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.59.51 PM

Oak City Comic-Con..WHAT A SHOW!

What a great time in Raleigh yesterday.  I got the finishing touches set up at my booth and did get a chance to walk around before the doors opened at 10am.  Made some new friends:   Artist; Gary DeStefano from “Pop Culture Images” was my first stop.  His large oil paintings from film caught my attention right away.  He’s been creating art for celebrities for years.  I enjoyed talking with him about the characters he paints and his business.

Check him out!


My other artist stop: Doug Hoppes.  Very cool “abstract / sci-fi” type artist.  He’s been working on his story that is associated to his paintings.  I’d like to read that story when it’s finished, Doug!  Hope that you can get it made into a move, you’ve got all the concept art ready.

Check him out!


Once the Con started…it was “Game on” from there.  Non-stop guests and costumed characters:  Shadow Stormtrooper, Black Cat, Tony Star and Loki and many others.  Even a guy that was “Spock” from the “Spock’s Brain” episode (complete with brain scanner around his head!  Pretty neat!)

Star Lord


There were three cool cars: “Bumble Bee” from Transformers, The  Star Trek “Galileo” (Hey, Carlos, You’d like that one!) and the Jurassic Park Jeep:

IMG_6852 IMG_6854


I gave away over 300 3D GLASSES and ran out (sorry for those that stopped later in the afternoon.)  The public seemed to enjoy the artwork and many came back for a second look.  Several were impressed enough to possibly set up commissions in the future…. (for those that are interested, my painting season is about to open up: temperature is making it easier to pour resin!) So, please contact me if you’d like to get on this seasons “docket”.

And to those purchasing  Prints on Fine Art America: I thank you in advance! If you’re in the Raleigh area, we can meet up, bring your print and I’ll sign my artwork for you!

Until next CON !!!

Oak City Comic Con… “The BEAST…IT’S HERE !”

Oak City Comic Con 2016 FLYER

Well, finally the Oak City Comic Con is about to happen!  I had a chance to get my booth set up and what a gorgeous day it was!  The spring-like weather is finally here: trees and lawns are getting greener and the air’s getting warmer…nice!  Since this is my first time at a Comic Con, I wanted to document the experience to let others know how it went.  So far financially, I’m in the red. but hopefully with a good crowd tomorrow, and an audience that may really get a kick out of “fine art” from comic books, I may stand to break even and get my name out there.  First part of the afternoon was finding the “back door” to the Raleigh Convention Center: via “backstage” at the Red Hat Amphitheater.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 5.33.34 PMGreat view of the “Oak Mural” from the stage view.


Next, it was off to unloading the Giant Easels, with a little help from the staff volunteers at the Comic Con (thank, guys!)  Here are the Before / After shots:1_Set-UP2_After-Set-up

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.11.37 PMFree-Glasses-SignI even had time (and space) to make a quick sign for visitors to get the idea that they can have a free pair of glasses.  I wonder if anyone will notice that the sign is the Right Panel of “Jessica’s Peril – No Air” …  We’ll see if anyone says any thing to me!  Hope to see you at the Comic Con!