Month: October 2017

Rogue One: Death Troopers


Rogue One: Death Troopers



As NC Comicon Durham gets closer, the work continues…. Completed the companion piece to the K-2S0 artwork from last month.  Here’s my 3rd Star Wars action figure 3D resin piece dedicated to the elite Storm troopers from Rogue One:  the Death Troopers!

Looking forward to getting these out to Durham next month (wow, the time is flying by…)

The 2018 “painting season” is coming to a close…so that means I can gear up for all the new orders and start painting right away in the Spring!  Lots of action figures out there…

Boba Fett in CARBONITE… I mean, RESIN!



Boba Fett finally got “poetic justice”…Frozen in Resin.  I don’t think I could have got the same result as carbonite (definitely need that clear resin for the colors to show through)!  This is my 2nd Star Wars action figure painting with the master bounty hunter himself. If you look carefully, you see Fett as well as a couple of other images.  The action figure was from the HASBRO “Ultimate Bounty” collection.  So, If there’s anyone interested in the other 3 figures from that set placed in a original painting, let me know.


Here’s a close up of the figure in the bottom left corner:



So, if you’re tired of having your favorite action figure in a package in a box and want to give it an “upgrade” in value…2018 painting season is just around the corner…