NC Comicon 2016 !


Thank you to ALL the guests that came by my table.  Hope to see you at the next con…and at a gallery opening SOON!


I have to say, Durham DEFINITELY puts on a great Con!  It was standing room only for 3 days straight.  Met some friends from Oak City Comicon.  I have to thank Gary,  from Pop Culture Images for helping with the prints before the show.  I gather he was busy as well, since I saw him periodically checking in at my booth.

Deadpool and Jack Sparrow check out the 3D effects on the prints!


Met up with Nick Winstead of Heroic Effort Crafts from Raleigh as well.  Looks like he’s been busy with his comic book wrapped crafts.




I got the chance to make a few new friends as well.  Grant and Lia really enjoyed seeing Andy Sheppard’s artwork from CHROMA COMA (just in front of our booth).  Love the Star Wars stuff!  Also, check out his work with a “black light”… very cool!



Michael Watkins (and his crew) from HIGHBURN STUDIOS were showing of his cover art.




UNCANNY PRINTS had fabulous metal print artwork for sale…gotta catch up with them for a print!  (Grant’s in the back right side of the photo, where our table was.)




Thanks to my direct neighbor, Chris McJunkin of JUNK DRAWER STUDIO.  He was gracious enough to lend me some more “Comicon Tips”.  Grant got a “Suicide Squad” artwork from him…Thanks, Chris!



And finally, I was walking back to my booth when I caught a glimpse of Max Dowdle‘s artwork of Black Panther!  WOW…you should see it with the Chromadepth glasses on!  And you gotta love that bowler hat!!



All in all…a GREAT TIME at NC Comicon 2016…we’ll see you soon!