Month: October 2016

Follow the “Treasure Map”


The Treasure Map is now complete!  Took most of the summer to finish and it’s my most detailed work to date. There’s a LOT going on in this one, so you’ll have to take your time.  Search for: the maps, landmarks, Asian characters, reefs, “The Narrows”, fathom markings and the treasure chest itself (surrounded by those that did NOT make it back!). Imagine finding a real treasure map, having to fight off other treasure hunters, or some other sinister force keeping the booty out of anyone’s hands!  Part “Pirates of the Caribbean”, part “The Deep”…a total scuba dive ADVENTURE!

I really wanted to push the abstract qualities to hide the subject matter.  Using the 3D chromadepth glasses will help you along the way.  I think of this one as a “prequel” to my earlier work; “The Treasure Ship”.

Here’s the “before picture” of the work mid-process.  You can see the Red Layer is just forming on the bottom left and right side.  The lines you see in the middle of the work are folds in the resin from the plastic that I place down on the initial pour (which are later fixed when completing the piece.)


Here’s the view from my artwork’s perspective:  Lots of time with that mask on…You like those “Throwback Glasses”?  NICE!


“The Treasure Map” and “Tuskegee” will soon be available to purchase on FINE ART AMERICA…Loading them soon!