Month: February 2016

Nude Nite 2016 – “Carnival” viewing

Nude Nite in Orlando is quickly wrapping it up tonight.  I had a couple of viewers of “Carnival”.  Thanks to Kate from Moonchild Handcraft Dreamcatchers at for placing this on Instagram.
Nude Nite 2016 on Instagram
Also, thanks to Holly Wheldon, photographer for Orlando Weekly for posting this image on Twitter.  I think the curator did a nice job placing my artwork next to Derek Gores’ collage piece: “Butterfly Magic”.  Check out his collage art @
Nude-Nite-2016-184-1_Holly Whelden_Orlando Weekly
Here’s a close-up of Derek’s work (Check it out with the Chromadepth glasses on!)

“Carnival” at Nude Nite – Orlando

Carnival by Franky 3D Resin Painting

“Carnival”  – Teaser Collage


This Thursday, my latest creation “Carnival”, will be on display at Nude Nite – Orlando, Florida.  I think my artwork (style and themes) will catch the eyes of many in attendance at the thee day event.  The creative process surrounding “Carnival” comes from my love of movies with action and adventure (and who doesn’t like to view a few scantily clad ladies?)  The women of the “James Bond” films were definitely influential:  Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever and Live and Let Die to name a few.  Other cerebral stimuli offered by the mainstream surge of sexual games as portrayed recently in the popular novel and film Fifty Shades of Gray.




The artwork is my first diptych piece constructed from photography from and was printed on metal through FINE ART AMERICA.  It’s a “digital sketch” and can be created into a resin painting, for anyone commissioning the work.  The 3D glasses still work with this piece and will be available to all that attend Nude Nite – Orlando – while supplies last.  There is only one print of this artwork, there are no others.  The above image is a “teaser collage” of some of the elements and not the complete artwork.

For those that attend, send me an image of you with the artwork, and I’ll post it on a follow up blog.  Let me know what you think of it, I’m always up for suggestions!  If “Carnival” does well with the visitors of this show, I may post my other creations of this series.