Lightning Storm Rolls through Raleigh

It’s always a good time to shift gears and try out different media.  I really enjoy seeing a thunderstorm’s power and how quickly the weather conditions change.  Photographing lightning is a passion of mine and I always enjoy sharing my images with the local news station: WNCN NBC-17.  Wes Hohenstein showed his viewers these images last night during the 11pm newscast…Thanks, Wes!  ALWAYS BE CAREFUL when taking photographs of lightning.  Make sure that you are NOT out near an open field and that you are nearby good cover (not a tree!) If the lightning is too close (hitting around you or within a mile or two…use the “one Mississippi, two Mississippi” count to determine that), you should head inside for safety.  Check out the internet for tips on how to set up your camera and best strategies! Always, SAFETY FIRST!


Lightning in South Garner


Lightning in South Garner

Here’s the one I took over 4 years ago, from about that same vantage point.  That’s pretty close!