…of “Terrible Toothpicks” and “FREE 3D GLASSES”!

1_SWR_2_ToothpickSo, I’ve got 2 big events coming up in the next couple of months:  Artfileds  and Art-on-the-Move / Artsplosure.  Both of them are pretty exciting and should be great to see what the public thinks of my artwork.  The image above is an in-process piece using a new application technique: toothpicks!  Now I can understand the need to go larger with my artwork..it’s all about the details (which is what I tell my students.)  If I can only conquer all those details to get the painting finished.  I’m working on the resin piece to go along with the Bus Wrap for next month’s Artsplosure event in Raleigh,NC (May 15th, 16th and 17th).  Saturday, May 16th will be the day they will reveal the buses to the public and I’ve started painting and signing CHROMADEPTH 3D WHITE HD glasses.  They will be given out FREE to the public and I believe there will be some unpainted ones that kids can draw on there.  The white HD 3D Chromadeph glasses have one lens that is clear to get a better look at the artwork, although the 3D effect isn’t as strong as the Black Pair, it still works as long as you take some time to relax and look at the artwork.  The colors still “shift” in and out.


The Artfields glasses are already in Lake City, South Carolina.  These are the Black Frame 3D Chromadeph that have both lenses with the filters, making the 3D effect really POP.  There is a limited amount there, so you may want to go (April 24th-May 2nd) for a signed pair.


Both glasses are fun to look at with a friend (wearing another pair) since the colors painted on the glasses go 3D.  ALL the paint for the glasses is the same paint I use on my artwork.  Painting these glasses has given me a thought about some future artwork…I’d like to work on that piece soon.

It’s off to painting again!  FRANKY